Horse Measurement Graphic for The Carriage House



A. From corner of mouth, over the poll, to other corner of mouth. _________________________________


B. Length around nose ___________________________________________________________________


C. Length of girth (all the way around behind withers)__________________________________________


D. Length of back from position of harness saddle to base of tail __________________________________


E. Length of horse from point of shoulder to buttock ___________________________________________

E. to FC line.  Breast Collar Length (all the way around)________________________________________


F. Height at withers _____________________________________________________________________

G. Neck (For Neck Collar________________________________________________________________


H. Breeching (Around to other side)________________________________________________________

I.   Hip Strap (Around to other side) ________________________________________________________


Approximate weight of horse ______________________________________________________________


Type or Breed of horse ___________________________________________________________________

Type of Carriage ________________________________________Length of Shafts__________________

Name & Address of owner ________________________________________________________________




Phone: _________________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________



7230 NW 60th Street

Chiefland, FL 32626

Ph 352-221-2848                                               E-Mail


Feel free to print & fill out to assure a proper fit.


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