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Carriage House Farm
Myotonic "Fainting" Goats

Chiefland, Florida


We have a herd of over 200 Quality Purebred Myotonic "Fainting" Goats

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Fresh From Florida

Rihanna's Doeling


One of the Quality Polled Weanling Doelings we have in our March Sale
(Woody Creek Farm Top Gun x Carriage House Farm Rihanna)

March 2017 Sale on Weanling Doelings
sired by Woody Creek Farm Top Gun

9 Quality doelings to choose from
most are polled
Top Gun has sired mostly doelings this season


Top Gun Doelings For Sale

A few of the doelings we have in our March Sale

Deanna's Doeling

Weanling doeling (Woody Creek Farm Top Gun x Carriage House Farm Deanna)

All Sale Priced at $250

Sale runs thru March 31, 2017


We have Quality Polled & Horned Goats For Sale
Does, Doelings, Breeding Quality Bucks, Bucklings & Wethers
Bred Does For Sale
Visitors Welcome - Email Us


Breeding Quality Polled Bucks For Sale

Two Polled Breeding Quality Bucks For Sale:

Right: (Woody Creek Farm Top Gun SPF x Carriage House Farm Rhita) Still Available
Left: (Raven's Rest Ranger CHF x Carriage House Farm Nanny II) SOLD

Myotonic Buckling ,Carriage House Farm Derringer

Meet Polled Myotonic Buckling ... Carriage House Farm Derringer
kidded 12/3/2016 ... (Woody Creek Farm Top Gun x Carriage House Farm Danika)
This outstanding Tri Color Polled Buckling is available FOR SALE

We cull our bucks heavily and only the best are used or sold for breeding.


Below are a pics of a few of the Quality 2016 Doelings we have For Sale:

Carriage House Farm 2016 Doelings For Sale

Carriage House Farm Doeling For Sale

Carriage House Farm Doelings For Sale

We also have some young Breeding Quality Bucklings For Sale.
Please call for more information.

We have a herd of over 200 purebred Myotonic "fainting" Goats.

Raven's Rest Phantom

One of our Senior Myotonic Bucks - Raven's Rest Phantom

Meet our Dairy Goats ...

Heidie Head

Horseshoe Acres Buttercup
Our French Alpine Dairy Doe

Noisette, Gandalf & Hannah

On Left: Noble-Oaks BB Noisette (LaMancha doe)
 On Right: Carriage House Farm Hannah (French Alpine/LaMancha Doe)
Center: Mullins' Homegrown Gandalf (LaMancha Buck)

Hannah & Kids

Carriage House Farm Hannah & her Kids born 2/10/2017
Hershey & Hayley
by our LaMancha buck  Gandalf

We have Fresh Goats Milk Available For Sale - For Pet Consumption per Florida Law.

We are members of:

International Fainting Goat Association

Myotonic Goat Registry

American Dairy Goat Assoc

Visitors Welcome - Email Us or call
Ray's cell 352-221-1434
Pam's cell 352-221-2848

FAMU Certified Master Goat Producers

Fresh From Florida

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